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September 4, 2009

David Brisbane
Susan Turner
Keith Seagle
Andrew OHenrey
Tony Droogen

David Brisbane
Susan Turner
Keith Seagle
Andrew OHenrey
Tony Droogen

Business Compliance

March 10, 2009


Business Compliance is set of policies, responsibilities and business processes that set the way an organisation is administrated, directed and controlled.

These policies and business processes are the way for an organisation to meet business standards through configuration of its internal processes to fulfil business expectations.

PNMsoft’s BPM & Workflow software provides a complete business compliance solution for oranisations looking to implement business compliance for their internal business processes.
PNMsoft’s BPM & Workflow platform has business compliance embedded into the core software components.

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BPM for the Public Sector – Increased efficiency, Better service

February 27, 2009

The public sector today faces a wide variety of challenges, including the need to improve organisational efficiency, minimize risks, enforce organisational policies and reduce internal process complexity. Managers are required to respond faster, streamline operations and automate manual tasks.

The term Business Process Management (or BPM) refers to automating manual tasks and internal processes.
BPM and workflow automation has become a powerful combination in helping the public sector and government agencies meet their organisational missions. BPM in the public sector comes in many forms and may include internal administration processes, constituent relationship management, economic development, case management, disaster centres, help desk complaint and enquiries.

The public sector has embraced the principles of BPM to address the major operational challenges of delivering better public services with increased efficiency. BPM methodology, best practices learnt in the private sector have been adapted and extended for public sector application.
In most organisations the majority of approval cycles are not well managed and are one of the major areas where improvements and operational efficiencies can be made.

Automating workflow tasks is considered as a strategic requirement because it enables managers to have control and visibility over implementation of their decisions. Successful implementation brings reduced approval-cycle time and the ability to automate manual tasks. Providing automated workflows throughout an organisation as part of the office infrastructure and making it available to everyone is no longer an expensive or a complex process.

BPM provides visibility into the real-time status of an entire end to end process and any related activities for workers and managers. This means that a more proactive approach can become common practice. This level of visibility proves highly beneficial when deadlines are approaching or work items are overdue. Furthermore, managers achieve insight into performance standards such as how long it takes an employee to complete a task, how many activities an employee can successfully undertake at once and how often an employee delegates tasks, thereby enabling better decisions in the future. BPM also supports a culture of organisational and personal accountability by tracking and auditing individual’s turnaround time and quality of work. It is also possible to do sampling of specific process tasks to ensure that compliance for critical tasks and processes is in place. BPM significantly improves individual and organisational performance.

PNMsoft’s BPM & workflow software platform

PNMsoft’s BPM & workflow software platform delivers integration, automation, and business process management solutions to a range of private and public sector organisations. These solutions provide a flexible, scalable, and reliable platform that enables organisations to be more agile and connected. As a result, managers are empowered to shorten approval cycles, integrate operations with the different organisational departments, share information in real time, and more easily communicate with different departments.

PNMsoft provides the public sector with the tools, technologies and guidance for building and maintaining BPM solutions and providing managers with ability to increase productivity, improve organisational efficiency, minimize risks, enforce governance policies and reduce internal process complexity.
PNMsoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a member of the Microsoft Business Process Alliance.

For more information on BPM for the public sector, please contact us or request our whitepaper


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